Random Papers

We meet every Wednesday at 3.30pm in MSI to discuss 5 random astrophysics papers.

This week's papers

1. Weak lensing measurement of the mass-richness relation of SDSS redMaPPer clusters Simet, Melanie, McClintock, Tom, Mandelbaum, Rachel, Rozo, Eduardo, Rykoff, Eli, Sheldon, Erin, Wechsler, Risa H., 2017, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society

2. Studying stellar spin-down with Zeeman-Doppler magnetograms See, V., Jardine, M., Vidotto, A. A., Donati, J. -F., Boro Saikia, S., Fares, R., Folsom, C. P., Hébrard, É. M., Jeffers, S. V., Marsden, S. C., Morin, J., Petit, P., Waite, I. A., BCool Collaboration, 2017, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society

3. Action-based Dynamical Modeling for the Milky Way Disk: The Influence of Spiral Arms Trick, Wilma H., Bovy, Jo, D’Onghia, Elena, Rix, Hans-Walter, 2017, The Astrophysical Journal

4. Observing the products of stellar evolution in the old open cluster M67 with APOGEE Bertelli Motta, Clio, Salaris, Maurizio, Pasquali, Anna, Grebel, Eva K., 2017, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society

5. A 1D Model of Radial Ion Motion Interrupted by Ion-Neutral Interactions in a Cometary Coma Vigren, E., Eriksson, A. I., 2017, The Astronomical Journal

Selected on Thursday, 11 May 2017 from a total of 767 papers published last month in ApJ, AJ, MNRAS and A&A.

Previous random papers

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