Random Papers

We meet every Wednesday at 3.30pm to discuss 5 astrophysics papers chosen at random from papers published in the last month in ApJ, MNRAS, or A&A.

1. Variable stars in the bulge globular cluster NGC 6401 Tsapras, Y., Arellano Ferro, A., Bramich, D. M., Jaimes, R. Figuera, Kains, N., Street, R., Hundertmark, M., Horne, K., Dominik, M., Snodgrass, C., 2017, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society

2. VLT/SPHERE robust astrometry of the HR8799 planets at milliarcsecond-level accuracy. Orbital architecture analysis with PyAstrOFit Wertz, O., Absil, O., Gómez González, C. A., Milli, J., Girard, J. H., Mawet, D., Pueyo, L., 2017, Astronomy and Astrophysics

3. Scaling Relations of Mass, Velocity, and Radius for Disk Galaxies Schulz, Earl, 2017, The Astrophysical Journal

4. Statistical evolution of quiet-Sun small-scale magnetic features using Sunrise observations Anusha, L. S., Solanki, S. K., Hirzberger, J., Feller, A., 2017, Astronomy and Astrophysics

5. Investigation of open clusters based on IPHAS and APASS survey data Dambis, A. K., Glushkova, E. V., Berdnikov, L. N., Joshi, Y. C., Pandey, A. K., 2017, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society

Selected on Thursday, 16 March 2017 from a total of 736 papers.

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